5 Best Outdoor Swimming Pools In Paris

Despite longing for it since September, the honeymoon phase of warm weather in the city tends to fade rather quickly. While baking hot days and long summer evenings are wonderful in theory, if you’re stuck in an office, the Métro or anywhere indoors you may as well be staring at a Caribbean screensaver for all […]

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Tips on Buying an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above ground pools are a great choice for anyone looking for a good-sized pool without having to pay thousands of dollars for in-ground pool installation. Instead of just picking any pool, you should spend some time researching your options before making a final decision. Check out these tips on buying an above ground pool to […]

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Tips For Cheap Holidaying In France

Statistics and surveys all agree upon one thing: France is the perfect holiday destination. Known for its incredible cultural riches and relentless pursuit of the good life, France has captured the imagination of the world.

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Things To Do In The French Alps In The Summer

The French Alps are rich in things to do and enjoy during a summer holiday. Alpine resorts are perfect for families who want some active aspects to their holiday but also enjoy relaxing in the sunshine.

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