Tips For Letting Your Holiday Home In France

The competition for holiday lets in France is high.  Here are some great tips on how to add value to your holiday let. This will enhance your income.

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Tips for a Long-Term Investment in Holiday Home In France

The beauty of France and the availability of numerous real estate options have made this country a top pick for people who want to own a holiday home here. Whether you want the house for your family, or for commercial gain, a perfect investment has the potential to bring a smile on the face of […]

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10 Best Places to Buy a Holiday Home In France

France is considered as one of the most popular holiday destinations for the rich and famous. There is something for people from all walks of life. What if you fall in love with the beauty of this spectacular country? Now, you can purchase a holiday home here, and call it your home.

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How to purchase a luxurious holiday home in France?

Several reasons play an important role in increasing the valuation of real estate in France. A recent survey shows that people who desire to unwind in the lap of nature will find the suburbs and villages of France very attractive. The natural beauty and availability of real estate has made France an ideal destination for […]

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How to find the best place to stay during the Cannes Festival?

For the lucky ones who will go to the Cannes Festival this year, it remains one BIG question: where are you going to sleep? If you leave it to the last minute, this question will become your worst nightmare. This is why Sextant will give you the best tips to find the perfect properties to […]

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The impact of driverless cars for holiday homes in France

The first part of the title sounds futuristic doesn’t it? The second part not so much so, at least if you have to travel within France with an autonomous car. Back in 1907, when Henry Ford launched the chain production of his mythical T Model, he expected success. He got a landslide. The car was […]

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Gutter cleaning

How to make sure your holiday home is all set for winter

The winter days are looming yet what is on your mind is Christmas: celebrations and presents! It means you have less budget for holidaying too.

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Brace yourselves, summer is coming!

The days are getting longer and longer, sunnier and sunnier, warmer and warmer.

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10 dream properties in France for your holidays

Are you planning to buy a holiday home in France?

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