What can you get with your money for 200 000 Euros?

So you want to buy a French property but can’t spend more than 200 000€. What can you buy for this amount?

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Discovery of Hidden Defects in a French Property

Let us first set the scene: you have happily purchased a property in France by yourselves but discover after some time spent in the property that it is affected by certain hidden defects which nobody ever told you about.

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Asbestos in your French Property

Derived from the Greek word for ‘’unquenchable’’, asbestos is a natural material and has been used since 2500 BC in winding sheets, pottery and various other applications.

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Frais de Notaires when buying a French Property

I was having a look at differents forums related to French property this morning and one of the most frequent question related to a property purchase was the Notaire fee. It cis different for each property and it also depend of the nature of the property (new Build or more than 5 years old). Here […]

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