The Black Friday

Imported in France only in 2010 by Amazon and Apple, then adopted in 2014 by well-known brands such as Fnac, Auchan or Darty, Black Friday has become an essential event. This high mass of discounted consumption, scheduled for Friday, November 23, traditionally takes place in the United States the day after Thanksgiving, only in physical stores. This, when the metal curtains are lifted, causes unbelievable rushes for a European observer. American consumers must then wait until the following Monday to benefit from online promotions on Cyber Monday. The latter has also been introduced in France, however the border with Black Friday is a little thinner, as e-commerce sites start their offers on Fridays… which would make the term “Black week” more appropriate. In any case, it is an opportunity for many French people to do good business as the holiday season approaches.
Some time ago, we presented to you the different communication operations set up by real estate professionals for Halloween. The celebration in question barely ends when a new axis of communication begins: Black Friday or Black Friday. Indeed, in recent years, this American event has tended to become more democratic in our country. Sextant began the festivities by announcing a special offer thanks to its subsidiary in the LMNP corner for the occasion, which lasted 2 weeks.
From Friday 29 November, around a hundred apartments and houses throughout France will be offered on the Internet. The properties will be able to benefit from a commercial discount of up to 100,000 euros on the initial sale price.

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