What’s New And Trendy In Christmas Decoration In 2018

Do you wonder what is going to be trendy and stylish for Christmas decors of 2018? When it comes to Christmas decoration the old saying – something new, something old… or in this case something vintage and something recycled is quite spot on.

There is always some “guiding star” to determent the spirit and style and to help you with your modern Christmas decoration. So embark on this exciting adventure with us. The holiday decorations can be so much fun, a perfect place to unfold your creativity. One of the main ingredients of the quality style holiday decoration is to introduce the vintage spirit – if you have old glass decorations from your parents or grandparents use them!

If they don’t go with the style of your Christmas tree, give them a unique place – in a glass vase with few separate branches if necessary – they will bring characteristic atmosphere to your festivities.

How to be stylish and elegant in your Christmas decoration frenzy? Here is a hint – rethink and reduce your decoration. A simple clear-glass vase with few casually arranged branches will be a perfect background for candles elegant and says it all. Don’t make it too complicated – a tree with only a few sparkling lights is as welcoming as any, and it will create a serene and cozy atmosphere. But if you wonder what is new and hot on the design and art scene for this season, what are the Christmas colors for 2018? How to stylishly decorate your room for the holidays – come with us and let’s explore the possibilities.

Christmas Color Trends 2018

The first question that comes to mind – what are the colors of Christmas decoration? Here are few tips for different exquisite color combinations and trendy styles. This year the fashionable colors are varying within the range of purple, blue and grey – maybe you wonder if blue is a Christmas color? Well, this year it is and in combination with purple and green imagine what it will be if you freeze a tropical ocean with all its vibrant colors intact? It will be so cool and fresh to have it surrounding you.

Or how about some metal hints for your modern Christmas decoration? – To complete the color experiment the jazzy and glamorous feel of copper, brass and platinum will be a perfect addition for a night that, according to tradition, it has to be full of light and fire. Enjoy yourself and search the natural magic. And please be conscious about the mark on living trees and waste imprint you will have when the celebrations are over.

Urban Chic – Glass, Metal and Concrete

Mixing different metal hues – golden, silver and brass gives a specific contemporary appearance to the decor composition and their reflection and play with light are always mesmerizing. The simple geometric forms create a kaleidoscope of twinkling lights, ornaments, candle holders and contemporary shapes that spread light through the dark season.

The clear-lined simplicity in the shapes of this new line of Christmas decorations captures the spirit and sensation of a season it is about the cozy feeling around the fire, the scent of cinnamon and pine, with the added elegance of the creative imagination.

Classic Chic

In the classic style Christmas decoration arrangement the red color rules – form the tablecloth to the candles, the glass decorations and even the ribbons – red spiced up with a lot of gold threads is a classic combination. Leave the porcelain and some other small details white to balance the energy of this majestic colors combination. A bright idea – add delicate tiny ribbons on the Christmas tree, in red of course – to round up the textile composition.

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