Celebrating Sextant’s Birthday

Today is October the 5th and it is Sextant’s birthday ! The story began in 2005 in London, when two Frenchmen, Matthieu Cany and Brice Bonato, wanted to promote French real estate to Anglo-Saxon clients. They then created Sextant Properties in 2005. It only took them a few years to become the market leaders, thanks to their experience and passion for real estate. Since its creation, the group has continued to evolve financially and humanely. It is now very well known for its strong international reputation.

After several years, the group had very strong growth in sales and turnover in 2015. This evolution was strongly rewarded in 2016, when Sextant received the prize of the Best Bilingual French Real Estate Agency, at the 2016-2017 European Property Awards ceremony. A real consecration for the group.But the success does not stop there, the following year, the group won the European Property Award in the Real Estate Agency 5-20 offices category at the 2017-2018 European Property Awards ceremony. This prize, awarded by a jury of more than 70 professionals, was an honour and a great reward for the company.

In 2016, the group continues to modernize. It implements new, innovative and useful tools, both for real estate agents and for sellers or buyers, that will enable virtual tours and interactive 3D plans. Sextant is an ultra-connected network, very aware that the Internet, social networks and new technologies are part of the new real estate world. It is a true 2.0 network, looking to the future.

Sextant has always been present in the Anglo-Saxon press, among the largest media in the country (The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, French Property News…).

In 2018, Sextant gets a new look: new logo and new website designs! The logo no longer corresponds to the latest developments of the group, it has been modified for a simple and modern design, reflecting the dynamism of the group, through its originality and bright colors.

13 years later, Sextant is now a recognized real estate agency, a network of real estate agents, supporting you in all stages of your life project. Sextant has been an international reference for more than 10 years, it is 2000 properties online on the British site, which attract more than 100 000 potential buyers from all over the world.

With offices in Paris and London, a bilingual team and the most advanced tools in technology, Sextant is a group that makes a difference and deserves to celebrate its 13th anniversary!

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