What is a Sextant?

Everyone knows Sextant Properties but do you know what a sextant is?

Created in the 18th Century, this doubly reflecting navigation instrument measures the angular distance between two objects. Used by the sailors, it estimates the latitude, in other words the angle between the celestial object and the horizon. These two points are observed at the same time and thus independently of the moving ship. The movement of the ship therefore does not affect the accuracy of the measurement. In addition to its usefulness for sailors, the sextant is used for aeronautical navigation too. The sextant was even offered by Louis XV of France, known as Louis the Beloved, to an admiral, member of the Royal Navy Academy, after successfully completing a scientific expedition.

Like the sextant, our group guides French and International clientele through their real estate research and has done so for the previous 10 years. Sextant Properties precisely measures the desire of its clients to carry out their projects. Visionary like the sextant, our company guides and makes the buying and selling dreams of our customers a reality.

From the first viewing to the signing of the “acte de vente”, let us become your guide and navigate with you towards our primary goal, the accomplishment of your life project.


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