Events in France in May That You Must Attend

The month of May is the finest time to move out of the house. The spirits of the people are usually high as this is the time for bank holidays. These are the finest events to make the best of the fun-filled month.

Nuit des Musées, May 19th

Many museums across France will welcome the visitors free of charge between 6 pm and midnight. Many of the museums will facilitate special activities like workshops, concerts, and screenings.

Marathon Du Mont Saint-Michel, May 27th

This Marathon is a festive gathering and a sportive gathering in a great location in France. It has nice history and culture.  It hosts 5000 runners every year who visit France from every place in the world. This makes over thirty countries to be together to have a nice time in a fantastic sporting event.

Roland Garros, French Open (May 21st- June 10th)

There can be difficulty in procuring the tickets for the yearly tournament. It is a big deal in Paris and you can view the matches live at many bars and screens in the city. So brush up on the rules of tennis, because it is all anyone in France will be talking about for two weeks.

Grand Prix De France Moto, May 18th, 19th, 20th

One nice sporting event to attend is the Grand Prix in France. Many people visit the French town of Le Mans for the motorcycling Grand Prix.

Cannes Film Festival (May 8th-19th)

It’s that time of year again and this year will mark the festival’s 71st anniversary. As always this period will be a prime time for a bit of celeb spotting on the French Riviera, sipping a glass of rosé. Australian actress Cate Blanchett has been named as the President of the Jury.

Nuits Sonores, May 6th-13th

This is the best electronic and indie festival for the Electro music lovers. This event draws a great crowd and has got local and international artists who have a varied blend of styles.

Word Festival, Charité sur Loire, May 30th-June 3rd

This is a festival dedicated to the celebration of words – whether spoken, written or sung. It is in the small medieval town of Charite sur Loire. The scholars and writers will come here to have many exhibitions, readings and workshops.

International Fair in Bordeaux, May 12th-21st

If you’re a home-owner or are buying property in France then this could be just the ticket. At the expo you’ll find everything home-related from furniture, household appliances, construction equipment, as well as handicrafts and jewellery.

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