Top 3 Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Clutter will diminish the beauty of your home. Proper storage is what you need to eliminate this issue from your life. But it is challenging to acquire adequate storage space if you have a small apartment. Thus, you will have to make do with what you have at your disposal. Interior designers have come up with impressive storage ideas. Implement these plans, and you will not have to worry about storage issues.


  1. Wall to wall storage shelves

Making use of walls in smaller homes is necessary. You will not find separate space to keep your furniture. It is where the importance of the wall to wall shelves comes to the forefront. These unique cabinets offer adequate storage for not only books or clothes, but will also give you enough shelve space to set up your entertainment media units.

  1. Making use of nook

People tend to overlook the nooks and corners in a room. These offer potential storage space, in case you use them creatively. Placing custom-made tall shelves, with multiple compartments will offer you enough space to store books. These tall shelves can also be used to house showpieces, which will enhance the beauty of the room as well.

  1. Storage in and under beds

The popularity of multipurpose furniture is on the rise. Thus, people are opting for such beds, which double up as storage units. Some beds come with a hollow interior. The top of the bed can be lifted with the touch of a button. Special hydraulic motors lift the top to expose the empty inner space. Others come with storage cabinets under the bed, in the form of drawers.

Apart from these options, there are several other creative ideas, which will efficiently solve your storage related issues. A new addition to this list is the stagger shelves.

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