Discover the true essence of Easter celebrations in France

On 1st of April, France will also take part in the celebration of Easter along with the entire world. It is an important day for the Christian community, as it marks the day when Jesus Christ came back to life, after he was mercilessly crucified on the wooden cross. To mark this day, the church bells are kept silent both on Friday and Saturday. People in France celebrate this day with pomp and grandeur.

Most important symbol: The Easter Egg

Though there are many stories associated with this, the most famous one states that Mary Magdalene was the first person to see the resurrected Jesus. At that time, she had some boiled eggs in her basket. These eggs took on a bright reddish tint when she saw Jesus. It is for this reason that the Christians see an egg as the symbol of resurrection. On this day, children are encouraged to search the indoor as well as the outdoor to collect eggs made from chocolate or sugar. As the eggs in the fable changed color, people try to recreate the feel by painting on chocolate eggs. Apart from chocolate eggs, people also think that spring flowers, lambs and eggs of birds are popular symbols of Easter Sunday in France.

Public life in France on Easter

Thought it was the day Jesus came back to life, it is still a day of mourning for the Christians as he left earth and went back to his father, Lord Almighty. People try to keep a low profile on this day. They keep to their homes and pray. Most tourist spots, museums, and popular hangouts remain closed. Only emergency service, airports and railway stations operate, but the availability of public transport remains low. But the tradition of eating chocolate eggs has remained unaltered for decades.

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