Top 5 Skiing Destinations in France That You Must Visit

France is a beautiful country. Everywhere you look, you will be greeted with picturesque settings, warm-hearted people and roadside cafes, which will offer you amazing dishes. The streets are lined with modern fashion stores, which will assist you to get a new look. But that is not all that France has to offer. All the skiing resorts mentioned here are best for pros. A novice should opt for less steep slopes. If you have an inclination towards adventure sports, specially skiing, then this winter, make sure to check out these destinations.


  1. Tignes – If you desire to get the ultimate experience of a French village resort, then you need to visit this spot. Apart from the spas and amazing restaurants, you will get the thrill that you are looking for. Take the ropeway cable cart and reach the top of the snow covered slopes of the French Alps. The gradual steepness of this area is the perfect for seasoned skiers.


  1. Morzine – If you want to spend some days, in the lap of French Alps and bask in the natural beauty of the area, you must book a room in the Morzine skiing resort. It is a section of Portes du Soleil skiing zone. The entire area is not covered with snow, and you will get to enjoy lush green forested area. Apart from arranging skiing trips, you can also opt for hiking in the wooded areas.


  1. Huez – Southern France is also known for a number of skiing spots and one of them is located in Isère department. It is nestled on the gorgeous mountains and you will be greeted with the natural beauty of the area. The resort will provide you all the facilities and amenities, which will enhance your experience. A lot of options are available for the foodies.


  1. Chamonix – Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is another famous skiing resort that is often visited by ski lovers in the winters. This area is also a part of the French Alps. The resort and the skiing area are located on the confluence of the international borders of France, Italy and Switzerland. Due to its altitude, the slopes remain snow covered throughout the year. If you desire to take part in the skiing trips, take the cable cart and reach the top of the slope, only to swish down in style. Apart from this, the resort has amazing cafes and spas.


  1. Val-d’Isère – If you are looking for an opulent experience this winter, then book a room at the Val-d’Isère skiing resort. This amazing place is located on near the border of Italian mainland. The skiing resort is attached to the Espace Killy skiing zone. Any person can take the ropeway and then slide down the slopes of Grande Motte in style.


These are the top picks, which will guarantee a fun time with your friends and family. If you like to live life on the edge and fell the adrenaline rush in your veins, then these are the spots that you must hit first. There are other places as well.

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