5 Inexpensive Ideas For Decorating Your Home For Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is just a few days away; most homemakers are frantically looking for ideas to decorate their homes on this particular day. Decorating the house mainly for Christmas is not the main task.

Christmas decorations can burn a hole in your pocket if you are not aware of cheap ways of attaining what you desire. In this article, you will get some ideas which will highlight your creativity and will also give a distinct look to your house, without worrying about too much expenditure.

  1. Ribbon garland for your staircase

You must need streamers to decorate the stairs. Cloth ribbons are common in the homes. They are cheap and also add a dash of color in any situation. If you have such decorations, you can easily make a garland or a streamer and wrap it along the staircase railing. To add more drama to it, you can attach a string of LED lights to this ribbon streamer.

  1. Hand-painted candles for your home

If you want to draw the attention of your guests towards your decoration, then you can think about replacing artificial lights with candles. The soft yellow glow will illuminate every corner of your home, the hearts of your family members as well. To add a personal touch to this, you can use colors to make the candles more attractive.

  1. Making cute and inexpensive showpieces

If you are not sure what to do with extra decorative balls, you may create something with them. Take few tall glasses, fill them with these decorative balls, and set them up on tables as showpieces.

  1. Using colorful curtains and tablecloths

If you have extra attractive and vibrant curtains at your disposal, you may use them to decorate your living room creatively. Place them on your old couch, and lower the brightness of the lights to see how these simple tablecloths transform your old clothes into a new one.

  1. Making flower vases out of glass bottles

You must have old glass bottles, which you intend to throw out. With a little creativity and a lot of colors and glitter, you can quickly transform them into expensive looking flowerpots. These will come in handy while decorating your home for Christmas.


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