Why Do People Prefer Turkey Over Other Forms Of Meat On Christmas?

Christmas is all about following old traditions and getting along with family members to enjoy a good time. An essential and age-old culture that we have been following for centuries is carving a full roast Turkey to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. But it was not so since the beginning. Turkey has always been associated with the celebration of Thanksgiving. But slowly it made its way into our homes during Christmas celebration as well.

Tradition or an economic decision?

People in western countries eat all kinds of meat. They love pork, beef, duck meat, and various other delights. One might ask why Turkey occupied such a special place. The answer to this question is simple. During early days, the cost of milk and eggs was not as affordable as it is today. So, people opted for Turkey rather than killing a chicken or a cow for meat. It not only give them something significant in size to enjoy with the entire family but also saved a lot of their money as they would continue to get milk and eggs from their livestock.

Introduction of Turkey to our menu

Turkey is a common bird in America, but the same cannot be said about Britain. People in America were aware of cooking Turkey for many centuries, but average folks in Britain became aware of the presence of this bird only around 500 years back. The Turkey meat was equally succulent and tasty. Apart from these features, it is easy to cook a turkey rather than opting for a significant portion of beef.

Providing for the entire family

There are no extra points that Turkey is a big bird. So, if you have a big family, you have invited your friends to dinner on the Christmas Day, you will not fall short of food. In fact, you will have some food that will allow you to bid farewell to the kitchen for one or two days. These are some reasons why the supermarkets in most western countries are flooded with turkey around the Christmas time.

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