Top 5 walking tours in picturesque France

The demand for adventure sports has been there since the early days. Thanks to the developments made in technology, people have enhanced exposure to these facilities. Most people, who want to enjoy the beauty of nature and keep it subtle, opt for hiking trails. These adventure lovers go for camping in the areas which have immense and intense natural beauty to offer. If you fall in the same category, then this article will give you details of some extraordinary walking or hiking routes in France.

France is mostly known for the amazing works of architecture. Some places are endowed with natural beauty that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. But what most are not aware of is that the country has excellent walking trails, which can be discovered only after some digging. With the assistance of the local guides, one can get the joy of unraveling the beauty of these routes.

Tour Du Mont Blanc

Taking a walk among the breath-taking Alpine Mountains is a wish that all adventure seekers have. A tour of the Mont Blanc will give you exactly this. The hiking trail measures a whopping 110 miles. If you follow this path, then you will get to cross the international borders and step into Switzerland and Italy as well. Moving through the picture-perfect passes, which are at a whopping elevation of 2,600 meters, will take your breath away. The entire trail will take around 11 days, and you can choose among a number of beautiful hotels to spend the night. The hikers who opt for the tour, during the summers mostly camp under the open skies.

Cirque de Gavarnie Hiking Trail

Pyrenees Mountains is a well-known national park that is located in France. Many people visit the area as it is a tourist attraction. But only a handful people know about the path that will lead you straight to the beautiful and pristine Cirque de Gavarnie hiking trail. If you wish to embark on this hiking journey, then you need to start it from the town named Gavarnie. The stream will guide you to the valley that will welcome the hikers with the majestic scenario. With rock encrusted wall of the valley on all sides, you will get the feeling of having stepped into a magical land. Another gift that the trail offers is a chance to lay your eyes on a glacier that is almost 3000 meters in height.

Clere-les-Pins Trail

If you are in France, then opting for a hiking trip in Loire Valley is a must. It a traveler’s delight and will offer amazing natural scenario and beautiful mountains to the hikers. As the walking route starts from the village named Clere-les-Pins, the entire trail has been named thus. The trail is not very steep, and it is another reason why most beginners prefer this route. On your way, you will see the amazing Chateau de Champchevrier. It was used by the former kings when they came this way. The overall length of the hiking trail is only 13 kilometers, and it will offer rolling farmlands and green meadows.

GR20 Hiking Trail

If you are looking for something more challenging, then the GR20 is the trail for you. Any hiker who starts his/her journey along the trail will get to enjoy the natural beauty of fantastic mountain peaks and lush green valleys. The entire path falls in the region of Corsica. The best time to head for the journey is during July or August. The temperature is mild, and the valleys are covered with colorful flowers of all kinds. If you are not 100% fit, then it is better to opt for another trail. The 800-meter ascent of this rugged terrain will test your abilities, and you better be prepared for it.

 Nietzsche Hiking Trail

Another trail that has been attracting the attention of adventure sports lovers is the Nietzsche Path. The trail covers the areas that fall within the French Rivera and the picture perfect village named Eze Bord de Mer. The hiking path is not very extended, and even a novice hiker will be able to complete the trail within some hours. As the route borders the coastal areas, you will get photogenic views of the vast ocean. Camping on the trail can be opted for, but most enjoy the picturesque views and head to the other parts of the region.

Apart from these gems, any local guide will be able to provide you information about some less known yet amazing trails, which will offer majestic views of the countryside. 

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