The Most Unusual Properties In The World

It is always a pleasure to look at the unique properties of the world. From tree top houses and cave dwellings to toilet-shaped homes and ball-shaped shelters, our universe boasts of some magnificent architectural beauty. By taking a look at these fantastic homes, one would be guaranteed of dreaming of owning these homes. Would you like to own a home in these properties? Well, by going through the list of these amazing properties, you would surely long to own these properties.


The Shoe House in Hellam (Pennsylvania, USA)

If you want to experience a unique architecture, then you should better opt for the shoe house that is located in Pennsylvania in the United States of America. It is often known as a guesthouse which comprises of 3 bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and a living room. It was built by Mahlon N. Haines. It is fascinating to note that after his death, it was opened as an ice-cream parlor and later on it was declared as a museum. Till date, this shoe house is being used as a museum to showcase the unique architecture of this property. Moreover, it is nowadays a preferred destination for the residents of Pennsylvania on weekends and certain holidays. 

The Stone House in Portugal

Well, it is a typically accepted fact that we all live in a house made of stones. But have you ever wondered residing in a property made of stone boulders? Your dreams of witnessing one would come true with this property. It is also interesting to note that these stone blocks have been derived from the humongous mountains of Portugal. You would also be fascinated to know that the builder used concrete mix in constructing this unique house. Moreover, this house is sturdy and durable and can withstand minor tremors due to an earthquake. It is very uncommon to look at this house as it truly resembles a cave like structure. This type of home also exudes the feeling of a retro room.

The Boeing 727 Hotel in Costa Rica

Ever wondered to rest in a house that has been shaped just like a Boeing Jet? It is interesting to note that at one point in time this real airplane ferried people from South Africa to Columbia and ended up at the San Jose airport. It was purchased for 2000 billion dollars and was slowly recycled into a home that is situated in Costa Rica.

In this context, it is interesting to mention that this house has two bedrooms. It gives an epic view of the ocean and the gardens. It has a long hallway that is being adorned with endless windows which further glams up its architectural beauty. Moreover, it incurred a cost of 4000 dollars to transport the plane to Costa Rica. Moreover, there were various additional aspects of costs that were incurred in the transportation of this house.

Upside down House in Trassenheide, Germany

It was built in the year 2008 by a Polish architect named KlaudiuszGolos and Sebastian Mikiciuk. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the north Germany town. Hence, if you are in Germany and want to experience a unique form of architecture, you should opt for seeing this marvellous piece of construction. Moreover, this piece of construction has been commissioned as a part of the upside down project. This allows the tourists and visitors to witness things from a different perspective. You would find the furnishings of this house turned upside down too. It is regarded as one of the modern craftsmanship in the nation of Germany. Always make a point to visit this upside down house to witness things from a different angle.

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