Discovering The Hidden Gems Of Corsica

If you desire to spend some blissful days in the lap of nature and bask in the soft warmth of the sun rays, then opting for any of the holiday destinations located in the Mediterranean lands will be ideal. One such spot that has been alluring travel seekers for many years is the quaint yet very colorful  Corsica.It is situated in the south eastern part of France. The island town is full of numerous attractions, which makes the spot a must visit for nature lovers and couples.

Mild climate and natural wonders

To start with, the island of Corsica is popularly known for its mild and soothing climate and lush natural reserves. Though the summer months are characterized by dry winds and moderately high temperatures, the rest of the year is marked by pleasant and cool winds. Due to these climatic features, travel seekers prefer this location.

Apart from the climate, the natural reserves of the island are another aspect that attracts the attention of international tourists. Corsica has picture perfect beaches, lined with palm trees, the lofty mountains kissing the clear skies and the blue oceans for a leisurely swim. No matter which direction you look, the gems of Mother Nature are scattered all around. A week in the island town will not be enough to enjoy its wonders.

Trekking and water sports at Porto Vecchio

If you are an adventure lover, then Porto Vecchio is the ideal place to visit. This place has a potent concoction of mountains and beaches for attracting tourists. While the couples like to soak up the sun on the picturesque beaches, the more energetic younger folks opt for trekking activities. You can rent a bicycle and embark on a trekking quest on the mountain terrain. The beaches will motivate you to go for a swim.

Fabulous food and lodging options

Places like Ajaccio, Balagne, Bastia and Sartenais Valinco Taravo are not only known for the natural beauty but are also popular for the numerous resorts, which offer tourists all kinds of luxuries. The accommodation is state of the art in nature, and the kitchens serve all Mediterranean and continental cuisines, according to the taste of the tourists.

It will not be just even to try to describe what the beautiful and amazing town of Corsica has in store for the tourist. One thing is certain; the days you spend here will be etched in your memories for ever.

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    I’m interested in property in Corsica – in porto vecchio, Calvin, porticcio, calvi
    Preferably an apartment with 2(-3) bedrooms, but also a smaller house
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