Discovering the Languedoc-Roussillon region

The Languedoc-Roussillon region in France is a diverse landscape, offering breathtaking views of coastline and mountains, yet also being home to rich culture, lively towns, and impressive architecture. There is something for everyone in this land of contrasts, and that is why it is becoming an increasingly popular destination for people from all walks of life.



Pyrenees-Orientales region has retained much of its Spanish heritage. Here you can find bullfights, traditional Sardanes folk dancing, and Paschal rituals. If you want excitement mixed with Paella and spicy chorizo, then Pyrenees-Orientales is the place to visit.

Gard, Languedoc

Gard region offers fantastic views, in a slightly cooler climate as you rise higher into the mountains. It is famed for bull fighting in the Nimes, and offers a rich insight into Roman history. Head to Nimes’ Maison Carrée Roman temple and Les Arènes Roman amphithéatre to gain an understanding of the vast capabilities of Roman architecture.

Lozère, Languedoc

It is the least populated department and different from the rest. It has no vineyards, no Mediterranean coast and no major cities. It does however, have beautiful rolling hills, with simply stunning scenery. The area is famed for its delicious cheeses. If you want a peaceful immersion into nature, head here.


Hérault region is more metropolitan, with the fast moving city of Montpellier bringing millions of tourists each year. Hérault is also full of beautiful seaside resorts, making it an ideal place to unwind in the sun, and with bars and restaurants making for a relaxing, yet entertaining stay.


Aude region offers a different sort of landscape. With a tremendous number of vineyards and fields as far as the eye can stretch, it makes for a peaceful visit to the South of France. The castles of Queribus and Peyrepertuse stand watch over the valleys and make for a rich, insightful visit.

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