5 romantic destinations in France all year round!

Valentine’s day is around the corner, you will have noticed by the number of paraphernalia with love hearts in the shops! An excuse to get away for most couples too but beware of high prices that week. So why not visit a romantic destination at any other time of the year instead? More sensible for sure, quieter too probably! This is why we have picked for you 8 romantic destinations in France that you can visit all year round. Indeed these spots will never go out of fashion because they are perfect destinations for weekends or trips with your other half! On top of that list we also added places for a pleasant dinners or hearty luncheons. And since this will involve traveling, we also flagged best transportation means to get there. The only effort required at your end is to place a booking and then make it a surprise on or before Valentine’s day!

1 – Paris, the city of Love

It is really hard not to start with Paris as it is often deemed the most romantic city in the world. We all know a man who proposed at the foot of the Eiffel tower. And how many happy couples did go there for their honeymoon? For foreigners and French alike, it is also very easy to get to especially through Gare du Nord if you travel from the South of England.

Paris-Bercy is an area in the east of Paris which combines tradition and modernism. It also boasts a very lively night-life. The Pullman hotel is therefore a good pick to stay in this quarter as it is modern and vibrant too! Without a doubt, you will find comfort and great attention there.

We really loved its location too as Bercy Village is within walking distance; a pedestrian area full of cafés, restaurants and bars. You will also be spoiled with dining options there. Now if you’d like something cosier and more traditional, we recommend the Auberge Averyonnaise on Gabriel Lamé street. They serve a delicious aligot dish which is a mixture of cheese and potato mash, meltingly delicious!

How to get there
The hotel itself is not far off from Gare de Lyon and Chatelet, these are central stations and you can hope onto Metro line 14 to get to Cour Saint-Emilion. Straight forward!

2 – Besançon, France’s best kept secret

Lizzy Davies, an international news editor who lived in Paris once said of Besançon that it was a “city that tourism passed by“. It is in the east of France not far off from Switzerland, actually right between Dijon and Lausanne. But by then the TGV was not available and the fast train line means that you can reach it in just over 2 hours. Not so secret anymore but still very romantic!

As for your stay we recommend the Sauvage hotel, it has a luxury room awaiting for you there. A historical hotel where Vauban used to stay, talking of historic figures, famous French writer Victor Hugo was born there. He is the one who wrote Les Misérables.

For a hearty lunch, how about the Poker d’As on Square St Amour! Perfect address too, the square of love!

How to get there
From Gare de Lyon, you can grab a TGV and a bottle of Champagne to share, it is a 2 hour journey. If you are in a hurry, Dijon airport is the closest to Besançon.

3 – Etretat will take your breath away!

Etretat is to France what Dover is to England. With one difference, that cliff has been battered by the seas and it looks well torn into as a result. Very picturesque for sure, very humble too but this is Normandy after all. Only 30 minutes away from the harbour of Le Havre, half way through between Calais and St Malo – you will need a car to get there.

As for your stay, we picked the Domaine Saint-Clair, all you need is there as for fresh air, head for the cliffs, it will blow your air and your mind away!

How to get there
You will need a car really as public transport is not frequent enough, this is probably why Etretat is a bit seclusive too. You can try Car Sharing with companies like Drivy, these cars can be picked in several cities near train stations at a fraction of conventional car rental.

4 – Annecy, the majesty of the lake

This place truly is a classic of French tourism, it has everything you can hope for. It all started with its mesmerizing lake. To be frank you will want to swim in it when you see it too. So probably best if you travel there when it gets warmer. As for your stay, check the Clos Marcel, it’s the place for cocooning in Annecy. Now there is a restaurant that is worth visiting according the Michelin guide inspector, the Auberge de Savoie.

How to get there
Easy access by train but if you’d rather fly you can catch a plane for the local airport at Annecy Mont-Blanc.

5 – Riquewhir, the charms of Alsace

Last but not least, we had to pick Alsace. You will have heard of its Christmas markets especially the original one in Strasbourg. If not, not to worry, we did cover it last December on our festive tour de France. Riqhuewhir is a village and that is probably its best feature! It is homely with incredible architecture and that sense of welcome that Alsace is famous for. Again, there is plenty to choose from in terms of lodging and dining but one that stood out was the Sarment d’Or, a refined hotel and restaurant with high marks!

How to get there
Just like Etretat some places are not easily accessible by public transport and this is what makes those places even more romantic. Closest airports are Strasbourg and Mulhouse so not too far either.




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