4 presents that will really blow away your Valentine!

They say French is the language of Romance. Well, love is a universal feeling, maybe it is only due to the fact that there are so many expressions of love in France. The country is a top destination for tourism so possibly visitors who witnessed these just report back at home? A possible explanation but anyway the topic of today’s article is related to love, again…St Valentine’s day is around the corner! With a special focus on your loved one, have you been thinking of a memorable present for 2017? One that would really blow away your Valentine of course! Well, our teams in London and Paris have been sharing suggestions so here is our top 3 – we even added a special bonus there for you.

1/ London: a candle-lit dinner in top French restaurant

According to food critics in the US, Spain took over France for “haute cuisine” – creativity they said. So congrats to Spain, they aren’t only good at football! But French people are just passionate about food, its presentation, its sourcing and sharing it of course. London has got great sourcing outlets with that market culture that is ubiquitous in France even in the smallest towns. Borough market is one of them, it’s bustling with fresh produce, colors and flavors – it’s lovely! Easy to get to through London Bridge station but even so, not everybody can cook! So we decided to pick one of the best locations for romantic dining in London, that will have to be Covent Garden. Clos Maggiore got 12 votes out of 15. It has all you need to get your Valentine totally smacked.

2/ France: a romantic week-end in Saint Malo

Now, if you really want to take it further and are living not too far from a great waterfront city like Portsmouth, we have a great suggestion here too. You could pick a night ferry to Saint Malo thanks to Brittany Ferries. But then make it a cabin please! Roses and Champagne are on you but if you drive there we know that you can also get a cool box for the car. As for ice, it will be available with cabin staff. On board, they have shower, TV and DVD player, a real treat. When you reach St Malo, on Saturday morning we recommend an AirBnB. Since their checkout time is later, why don’t you explore the shores and the café culture. Saturday morning is great for that wherever you are in France really. Once you are checked-in ask your hosts for restaurant recommendations and if you are telling them that this is for St Valentine’s they may even cook a fine dinner with you! Hint: we loved that maisonette.

3/ A moveable feast: a journey on-board the Pullman Express

True romantics think that quality time is more important than location. We took it literally and teams all tended to agree that trains bear some kind of historic romanticism – they both appeared in the 19th century. Railway and steam engines was made in Britain so all eyes went over to British Pullman – you may even bump into James Bond. Just make sure you ask for Champagne and caviar, they go together as well as your Valentine and yourself.

Bonus: A beautiful cottage in Normandy

And why not? When one loves, one does not count! And if you cannot afford it now, well you can start with a romantic dinner in London this year, then a romantic week-end in Brittany next year and finally a romantic escape the following year. You have 4 years to save for the deposit and absolutely no excuse! Just to give you an incentive we have picked 3 beautiful cottages available for sale now!

So here is the top 3 for our bonus suggestion:



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