3 important tips before you buy or sell a home in France

Whether you are considering buying or selling a property of France, the likelihood of it being your first time is pretty high. In each case, there are 3 steps that are critical if you want to ensure that your transaction is a successful one.

Maximise your property sale in France

1 – The right price

Bumping up your price is a natural thing to do for a home owner. You are on the move and want to make sure you can get any extra money for your next big project. On the other hand, potential buyers are well informed, very well informed, especially with pricing. If your price is too high then you will seriously hinder your visit potential. That is the last thing you want to do because a purchase most often starts with a visit. So where do you get the right price?

There are numerous online tools available to help you carry out an estimate. It is likely buyers will use the same ones so not a bad thing to check there too in order to prepare for negotiation. On that front, you may want to reach out to property agents, they will be able to give you good tips how to maximise your sale. Each home is unique but they see a lot of them and will know for sure what you need to push forward. You don’t want to undersell either. In the end the right price should get you visits sooner rather than later!

2 – Prepare for visits

You spent many years in the home you are trying to sell, it will carry your personal touch. Time has come to move on though and it is not a bad thing to start packing early. That way you will be able to make space and unclutter the place. You may also uncover spots which need fresh painting, if so, well do so before visits start. It also is a good idea to remove personal belongings like family pictures. Anything neutral will help the visitors project themselves easily in their potential new home. Last but not least, make sure that the photos you publish online or share with your property agency are recent and match the current state of your home.

3 – Align pricing with market

If you are selling in an exclusive area where demand is really high, you should be able to sell at or above buying price. Similarly, if the property has a very attractive set-up. On the other hand, if there is plenty up for sale in your vicinity already, it could be that offer is higher than demand. In some cases, properties sell with a 30% drop off buying price. It is important to take into account if you want to sell effectively and quickly.

Make your property acquisition a success!

1 – Assess before you engage

The sheer fact of buying a property in France got you all excited. Prices are lower, interest rates have plummeted, you spotted beautiful homes in your favorite holiday region. It is important to secure your budget before you get started exploring though. Far too often, families are wasting time and money with property hunting and visits without knowing how much they can actually afford to buy. Reach out to local agents and financial advisors, they will be able to assist you effectively on that front as well as insider’s knowledge. Things are slightly different down south.

2 – Put on your detective hat

Even though you are remote, there is a fair deal of information about locations in France that you can find online. Of course, local professionals helping you out with the process can assist too but there is no harm in looking for answers yourself and make up your mind at the same time. It is likely you have identified several areas for your new home. Look up on forums, official city or town websites and compare all the information you have gathered. This will help you narrow down your target and focus your visits. Once on site, spend time to explore the area further, engage with the locals in public places. If you are considering living there, you may as well ensure that you enjoy the area.

3 – Don’t blank the bargains

Last but not least, important price drops might not be a sign of disastrous homes. It could be a desperate sale and in which case, it could be a great bargain. Often, such homes will be in need of additional work. Even if you are not into DIY, it could well be that getting professionals to help you fix the most urgent pieces will still be cheaper than the original asking price. Again, check your options and take your time.


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  1. Alicja Says:

    HI, you mentioned there are tools to estimate prices of properties – can you let me know which ones?


  2. Mr Stefan Stefaczuk Says:

    Thanks for the info
    We are still looking for that smallholding ,with any luck we should find it soon, with your help.
    Many thanks
    Stefan Lynn & Andrew

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