Top 8 regions to buy a property in France

If you are considering buying a property in France, it is very likely that you have crossed the Channel to spend some holidays there already. More than once even more likely. One of the reasons that the country remains one of the top touristic destinations in the world, if not the top. This is why so many Brits are buying properties there. Eventually, they decide that French life is for them and their family. But you probably wondered too where to buy in France. Your favorite holiday destination or a brand new area to carry on discovering the country? We have reviewed all the options for you and will share the latest trends for tourists including British ones. We will also let you know what the new region names are as they recently changed to reduce their number as well as administrative costs.

Touristic hot spots in France

We checked the latest statistics available on EuroStats, the EC service for this type of figures. In 2014, we pulled the top 8 regions with all visitors, these will definitely be hot spots. You probably have visited one or two already, so you know. Now the question you want to consider is whether you want to live in a touristic place or not. This will affect the price of the property of course.

Top 8 regions in France for touristic hotspots

Now like we said earlier, France mainland only consists of 13 regions now instead of 21 before. So we regrouped the old regions to show you the new top 8 with the 2014 figures, the latest available. Any major changes? Let’s have a look!

New top regions of France for tourism


From there we can see 3 main trends, South east, Atlantic coast and Ile-De-France, home of Paris of course.

British favorites

Now living and holidaying is certainly two different matters and the Brits are also well known for their refined tastes when it comes to acquiring a property in France – as well as a good bargain!

Based on the latest figures available regarding British expats who made the final move, the top regions are below:

  • Ile-de-France (Paris)
  • Nouvelle Aquitaine:
    • Poitou-Charente (with a record 33% of all foreign ownerships)
    • Aquitaine (which includes “Dordogneshire”)
  • Occitanie:
    • Midi-Pyrennées
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes:
    • Rhône-Alpes
  • Bretagne
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur:
    • Provence
  • Normandie

For sure, the shores are lovely places to own a home, even the French are fond of the Atlantic coast, as they provide ideal destinations to relax, little traffic outside of the tourist peaks and excellent value for money at the present time.



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  1. Lilliane LeBel Says:

    If folks from the UK want to move to France, or own property there, it should be because of the culture, weather and overall environment. It should not be an attempt to change parts of France into mini UKs. I found the term “Dordogneshire” offensive. I was recently in Limoux and ran into some Brits who were proud that they were ‘overtaking the French’ in their own country. They bad mouthed the French and looked down upon them. If Brits can’t appreciate all that France has to offer, and be willing to be part of that and make it better, then they should stay home.

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