Recruitment is full steam ahead at Sextant

In 2013, Sextant launched its network of independent estate agents and it has proven to be a very successful model as they have now 85 agents registered with them, offering more than 4,000 French properties for sale.

The Sextant Properties Group was created in London back in 2005 by two French individuals with a very clear goal in mind: to offer a selection of the best character properties for sale in France to clients from all over the world and they succeeded. Indeed, the company has developed and grown to become one of the most recognised brands on the market. Sextant France is a licensed French estate agency and a member of SNPI, an Association of French Estate Agents and is a fully insured and registered and member of the NAEA in the UK.

Currently, the French property market is doing very well. Buyers are certainly not waiting around and making the most of current market conditions. Last year, the French property market (excluding off-plan and buy-to-let purchases) approached its historical transaction records of the early 2000s, with 800,000 estimated sales in 2015, as noted by the French National Association of Estate Agents (FNAIM).

The latest Rightmove Overseas Report for 2015/2016 has revealed that Brits are the largest group of international buyers of French properties. Over the past 10 years, Sextant has sold thousands of French properties to British people; 65% of whom bought holiday homes with the intention of retiring there later, the other 35% were making a permanent move. Most of them wish to take part in an activity in France to help them integrate with the local community as well as fellow British expats.

To meet increasing demand, Sextant needs to strengthen its existing network of agents. The role of an independent sales agent is to create and maintain a high-quality and relevant property portfolio and to help clients find a property which meets their criteria and guide them through the sale process.

“Becoming an estate agent has always been the most popular aspiration job as it doesn’t need an academic background but more a can do attitude with sales skills and motivation,” comments Matthieu Cany, Managing Director at Sextant. “We have designed a very competitive offer to reach our recruitment goal, 150 agents by the end of 2016.”

It is worth noting that Sextant only recruits agents with at least 1-2 years of experience in the business in France or abroad. However, for newcomers to the industry, there is a possibility to be sponsored by one of their current agents who can train you locally. A good level of English is, of course, appreciated but the most important for Sextant is to be passionate about French property, motivated, ambitious and self-disciplined.

Working as an estate agent at Sextant France offers huge advantages: the potential to earn a good income (70% to 99% commission from the first sales), a head office based in London providing regular leads from international buyers and sellers, advertising on major French property website to reach French clients, a supportive and dynamic team, a flexible working environment and opportunities to network and integrate with the local community.

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