Tips for preparing for your summer holiday in France

Summer is here! Plane tickets, accommodation and taxi to the airport are booked, your bags are (just about) packed. But are you completely sure you’re ready to travel?

Holidaying shouldn’t be stressful but with all the expectation and excitement involved, things can sometimes take a small turn for the worse. We’ve tried to help by making a list of some of the very important things you must check before leaving home because it always pays to be prepared before you head out on your big trip. Follow our tips for some peace of mind before your summer holiday in France.


Pack a map

Relying on your smartphone to go from point A to point B can be risky, especially with their notoriously poor battery life or if you run out of signal in the middle of the countryside, Even a Sat Nav can break down; a classic paper map is always welcome in those stressful moments.


Be prepared for medical emergencies

Always pack a first aid kit filled with aspirin and bandages in case of injuries.


Check your vehicle

Check your fluid levels, tyre pressure, and air-conditioning system. Also make sure you change oil and that you’ve got an emergency kit, flashlight, rain jacket and reflective triangles packed in your car.


Check with your insurance company

Make sure that the insurance company covers your car while travelling. The coverage must include road trip assistance and trip interruption. Also make sure you bring the contact details of your insurance agent with you.


Research the sites you want to see

Find out where you can find all the tourist activities you want to do. You can find pretty much everything online these days and thus budget effectively. Find out the cost of these activities so that you can save money before you arrive at destination (get discounts by booking online).


Learn about the culture

Only a few words are necessary and people will be very happy if you make the effort. A simple “Bonjour” is always seen as friendly by the locals. Make sure that you have packed your English-French pocket dictionary so that you will be saved in all circumstances! With regards to tipping at restaurant, they do exist but aren’t usually as high as those paid in the UK. Waiters will often recognise the accents of English speakers and hope(!) they will tip well, which means you should receive a better service compared to the French couple eating on the table next to you :-).


Don’t forget the essentials

Make sure that you bring your battery charger, your sunscreen and your travel adaptor as France uses different electrical plugs.

Planning and preparation are very important when it comes to a successful family trip. You can avoid most problems by planning as much in advance as possible. By following all these tips, you’ll be well prepared to hit the road for a perfect holiday this summer. And of course if you fall in love with the area you visit, why not see what our agents in the area have on offer so you can have your very own dream French home.


Have an excellent summer holiday in France!

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