Leasebacks managed by Odalys: the valuable assets of the market

The French estate market has known a tough period these last few years due to the global economic crisis; numerous are the managers and investors who had to realise several compromises in financial terms to stay in business.

However, some companies have known to adapt themselves and have carried on their development obtaining positive financial results.

It is notably the case for the company called Odalys. Odalys is a company which has been investing for more than 15 years on touristic accommodations; it has specialised notably on leasebacks and has known a very good year in 2012/2013.

Indeed, the company’s turnover has reached €207.7 million (£173.2 million) which represents an increase of 11.8% with the year 2011/2012 at the same period!
Also, they obtained an operating income of €12.1 million (£10.1 million) which is synonym of a raise of 5% (a pre-tax result of €9.9 million – £8.3 million – and an increase of 12.2%).

Sextant Properties can testify the healthy situation of the company Odalys as they offer new built leasebacks handled by the latter; these properties are investments very profitable on the long-term as they present interesting yields.

Both in mountains and at seaside, leasebacks offered by Sextant will interest any investor who wishes to purchase a profitable property in a unique and very nice environment.

Here are below three examples of leasebacks of the company Odalys offered by Sextant Properties:

« Olympe », Leaseback residence situated in Antibes in the Cote d’Azur.

This exclusive leaseback mandate is located nearby the Mediterranean beaches and shops; this 25.58sqm apartment with a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom also has a 5sqm private balcony and an underground private parking space (no risk of finding a burning steering wheel under the sunshine). This leaseback is at €89,500 with an ex-Tax rent of €4,472 and a net of tax yield of 5% with an annual occupancy of 1 week offered.

The advantage of purchasing this kind of self-managed residence enables to exchange occupancy weeks with all residences of the management company via an allowance exchange between all Odalys’ residences.

« Le Lotus Blanc » or “The White Lotus”, leaseback residence situated at Le Barcarès in South of France.

This 21.95sqm high range studio in this three-star residence offers amongst others an open fitted kitchen, a sitting room and an 11.40sqm private balcony. This leaseback is at €96,916 for an annual rent of €3,735 and a yield of 4.60%; also, the rent is guaranteed whatever the occupancy rate is.

Finally, being located from a few kilometers of the Spanish border, the town of Perpignan and the Pyrenean Mountains, the residence of Port Barcarès offers an outstanding environment between land and sea enjoying a unique panorama facing the Mediterranean sea that every sea-lover and cultural-richness-lover will appreciate.

If you wish to acquire a property as a profitable investment on the long-term and at the right price of the market, don’t hesitate anymore; Sextant French leaseback offers are unique, they are sold quickly and the hesitation might make you lose the opportunity to purchase a property which may not reappear afterwards.

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