Choose The Tiles That Best Fit Your Roof!


France is the only country that has 150 models and more than 200 colors of rooftops.  What is the best choice for your French property? 70% of French homes have terracotta roofs. However, each region has its own “personality” in terms of roofing.


First, the Channel Tile, particularly suitable for low slope roofs in sunny regions, generally allows low houses to maintain certain coolness from the ground. Ideally suited to the climatic conditions of the South, it perfectly suits amazing Provence properties. Tile channels allow the rapid evacuation of rainwater during storms. There are several dimensions of pan tiles.

Next are the flat tiles, which are straight or shell. They are perfectly suited for strong roof slopes; they are strong enough to promote the drainage of rain and snow in winter. In addition, the flat tile roof is particularly suitable for complex geometry like turrets, reversals, roof curves, arches or different slopes. The purity of its forms and its traditional appearance gives its stamp to the roof. Flat tiles are mainly used in the northern half of France, but are also found in Normandy and in Limousin. Limousin has cosy stone houses with flat tiles.


The small mold tile can exist in two forms: either flat appearance, imitating substantially flat tiles and essentially anchored north of the Loire, or relief, which is the right wave, characteristic of the houses in Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

Large mold strong curvature tiles, these have a generous size and a shapely full roundness reminiscent of the curves that facilitate its installation. This range exists in a range of colors suitable for many areas, the most vivid to the south west and the southern Rhône Alpes’ houses through more subtle nuances to the Vendée and the Atlantic coast and shades singing for Corsica and the south east.


The lower curve tile, slightly curved, was inspired by regional aspects of traditional tiles. It can appear flat, wave, at fault, horn … These tiles have experienced strong growth over the past decade and are in almost all regions, with strong representation in the North East of France.

The side tile is characterized by the presence of a relief in the form of central or side of a diamond. These tiles signed the architecture of the first half of the twentieth century, from the Arcachon houses to Ile de France millstones.


Now you can make a choice when renovating or building your French property!


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