The Digital Lock Phenomenon

Different types of locks exists, a wide new range of digital locks are now on the market and present great solutions when it comes to secure our homes.

Security without Keys

Always losing your keys?
Do you have a big family and a lot of individual keys?
Do you feel at risk when having your keys in your bag close to papers mentioning your address?
Do you need a secure area for your valuables?

Then, like many owners, you are concerned by this article!

An increasing number of landlords renting their properties to holidaymakers, or concerned about security and potential robbery are showing a keen interest for digital locks. This biometric technology is really appreciated by landlords in order to secure their property.

To answer this growing consumer’s demand, many companies are competing in order to sell the most sophisticated, designed and secured digital locks. Those electrical digital locks are connected to an access control system. The advantages of an electric lock include a key control, where keys can be added and removed without re-keying the lock cylinder; fine access control, where time and place are factors; and transaction logging, where activity is recorded.

Many types exist as the biometric market is actually expending a lot, 2 of them hold our attention:


–          First is the Electronic Lock with touch screen

This lock allows you to enter in your property with a code, and to change this code depending on time periods, allowing you to be sure that renters leaving your modern Parisian apartment will do so on the right date for example.


–          Then comes the Biometric Lock with finger prints

This lock will allow only you and a limited number of persons to enter in your property, permitting you to be certain that your amazing Mansion house in Nice is perfectly secured for example. This is a way more sophisticated type of lock, implying more important costs, but at the same time even more security.

The choice of your locking system will depend on several elements, depending on the location of the concerned doors, being inside or outside the house, also depending on which kind of sophisticated security you are looking for and on how comfortable you feel with technology (even if those devices are made for random users). It will also depend on how simple you want it to be, with a magnet? A code? A fingerprint?  The originality, the “early adopter” move and the fun implied by this kind of lock are surely also going to be important determinants of your next purchase!

I wish you a good shopping, be safe!

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