Security Locks for your French property

There are now safety standards governing the development and certification of safety locks. The A2p Standard “prevention protection insurance” was created in 1984 from an insurers’ initiative. This French standard is issued by the “National Centre for Prevention and Protection”. There are three levels of certification, each of these levels determines the duration of resistance of the lock before breaking. If you are the owner of a nice duplex in Paris, you might want to secure your door as much as possible.


Locks now have a number of stars corresponding to their level of resistance: A2P1: 5 minutes * A2P2: 10 minutes ** A2P3: 15 minutes. *** Insurers now require three points’ closures (top, bottom and center). To choose a good security lock you need a 3-point locking A2p.
Many brands manufacture and distribute these locks. Two kinds of security locks exist, the integrated locks on new doors, or the sconce locks, most often used to secure a gateway.

Here are the different kinds of locks you can find in the market:

  • Simple lock barrel A single barrel lock requires only one model of key to open and close the door.
  • Double barrel lock Equipped with two locks, one offering the service of opening and closing the door for everyday use. Another one allowing the owner to condemn the door.
  • Detachable cylinder This option allows you to open the door from the outside even if the key remains in the lock inside. This can be useful, especially for the elderly, children, people with disabilities, etc.
  • A reversible key A reversible key has no direction of use. The key is symmetric, and fits into the lock in any direction. This kind of key benefits old or visually impaired persons.
  • An electric lock Is a device to open a door remotely. Rather reserved for companies.

Concerning Prices

You will find locks in DIY stores. Be careful!  Keep A2p material suited to your needs. Maybe the Brittany farmhouse, where you spend your holidays once a year so it does not contain valuable goods, might not need an extremely high quality lock. Your insurer can give you addresses of serious professionals. Prices depend on the type of locks and especially the level of security you want.

To simply add an additional lock on your door, count 40 € to 200 €. For the supply and installation of a multipoint locking system, count 300 € to 1500 €. For the supply and installation of a reinforced door with a three-point safety lock, count from 450 € to 1500 €. For the supply and installation of a door, count from 1500 € to 4500 €.

In terms of security, get advice from professionals and do not forget that regardless of the quality of your lock, it is useless to have a lock of really high quality if your door does not match the same standard of security.

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