The 10 Most Beautiful French Villages

We wanted our readers to discover some of our finest’ french villages. Enjoy!


1-      Sixt Fer a Cheval (Savoie)

This village is surrounding an old abbey, dates from the 17th century. It was first founded in 1144 by the Augustinian monks of Plenty, one of the largest religious communities in the Northern Alps in the Middle Age. The nave of its church dates from the 13th century and faces a square surrounded by old houses and an impressive lime tree. This village is now a ski resort in winter and a center for climbing and hiking in summer; it also benefits from a natural reserve covering more than 2.44 acres. You can also admire impressive limestone cliffs of more than 500 meters high and waterfalls. It is close to Morzine where you can find other typical mountain houses.


2-      Seguret (Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur)

This village is known to many for its beautiful buildings such as its clock tower, its beautiful Reynier door, its belfry from the 15th century, the Romanesque church of St Denis, the chapel of Notre Dame Grace and the Mascarons Fountain from the 17th, “haunted” by gargoyles. The houses are made in simple stone with turquoise shutters. Many artisans live there and specialized in Christmas crib figure’s manufacture. The town Nyons is not too far from this village, it is a nice town where you can enjoy relaxing holidays in a cosy villa.


3-      Les Baux de Provence (Provence Alpe Cote d’Azur)

Between a dizzying precipice and the impressive ruins of its fortress, the most visited French village was built on a rocky spur in the Alpilles, between the valley of the Fountain and the Val d’Enfer. You can walk through cobblestone streets; admire elegant Renaissance houses, but also a charming square and the St Vincent church from the 12th century. An upper part is deserted, once separated from the village by a rampart and a ditch, “the dead city” is also really nice to see. The area around this village is really peaceful and lovely, it explain why an increasing number of foreigners, have decided to buy a second house for their retreat or holidays in this area.


4-      Moustier Sainte Marie (Provence Alpe Cote d’Azur)

This village was founded in 434 by monks from the Abbey of Lerins, who built a monastery there. The Romanesque chapel Notre Dame de Beauvoir, dating from the 12th century, is crowned by a gold star hanging from a long chain of 227 meters. Moustier was really prospering and was well known in the 17th and 18th centuries thanks to its delicate tiles in shades blue, golden yellow, etc.


5-      Conques (Midi-Pyrénées)

The 11th and 12th centuries were important moments for this village, with the construction of its Romanesque abbey and the creation of some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry of its treasure, its majesty Sainte Foy. On the tympanum of the church, 124 figures illustrate the last judgment since 800 years. It is an important pilgrimage and protected site. The village has also kept its beautiful medieval unit. The style of its stone houses is really typical; this kind of house can be found near the village.


6-      Sainte Enimie (Languedoc Roussillon)

From its abbey built in the 14h century, only remain its chapter house and the Romanesque chapel Ste Madeleine. The village is composed of medieval houses with Renaissance windows and of a Romanesque church of the 12th century containing beautiful statues. Its “Burle” source, a fountain of Vaucluse, is known to have miraculous powers. This area is full of potential for Guest house projects notably.


7-      Piana (Corsica)

The village of Piana is located overlooking the Gulf of Porto. This village is classified world interest by UNESCO, and it is fully protected. The origin of the village dates back to 1725. It is dominated by its church, built in the Italian style in the late 18th century and decorated with a beautiful bell. Walking through the narrow streets lined with typical Corsican houses is really nice. Piana also offers many spectacular hikes in its massif. This Corsican village is exceptional and Corsica also has to offer a lot more to see and a lot of beautiful places to live in.


8-      Beynac et Sazenac (Aquitaine)

Its castle has undergone many assaults but was only taken by Richard Coeur de Lion and Simon de Montford. It offers alleys paved with stairs and a seigniorial chapel “St. Mary’s Church”. On the plateau you can also visit the Cazenac chapel. There are some really charming houses around the village.


9-      Mittelbergheim (Alsace)

Mittelbergheim is situated over hills covered with Rippellsholz’s vineyards. The name of this village was mentioned from 741 and successively owned by several abbeys. The town looks like a fortress. You can admire the corner of the Montagne street and the main street, the beautiful Renaissance town hall and the old press of the Court tithe of the 18th century.


10-   Salers (Auvergne)

The city has grown around the castle lords Salers, and during the 15th century, the walls were built to protect the village from the English. In the 16th century, it became the headquarters of the Bailiwick Salers of the High Auvergne Mountains; the bourgeois built beautiful mansions that can still be admired today. Its church, completed in the 16th century, has a beautiful Romanesque porch. The nave contains a “burial” and some Aubusson tapestries. This part of France contains lovely village properties, differing from the stone houses of certain villages.


If you want to visit French amazing places, you have to see some of those !

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  1. Mike Johnson Says:

    St Jean de Cole should be included in the most beautiful villages in France, also Bramton, both in the Dordogne.

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