Celebrate Halloween in Paris!

Terrifying and cultivating, Halloween must be celebrated in Paris!

As you know…Halloween is not exactly part of French culture, however, celebrating it in Paris would be certainly different, but no less captivating!

Selected are five intriguing ways to celebrate Halloween in Paris:

Tremble with a vampire: Choose “Dracula, l’Amour plus fort que la mort” (Love stronger than death) at the Palais des Sport, 5th creation of Kamel Ouali. It will delight musical fans, with its monumental decors and amazing choreographies, performed by vampires and monsters that will drag you into a Halloween atmosphere.

Being told scary stories: Witches, ware wolves, zombies, and demons in the Manoir de Paris, (18 Rue du Paradis, 10th Arrondissement, a nice area in Paris, not far from charming residence in the 4th Arrondissement) for a wide range of scary activities. The hunted house drags back into life 13 scary Parisian legends, but also – on a lighter note – has pumpkin carving and costume contests too.

Devour. What scary burgers, quesadillas, and cheesecakes. The Halloween Special Buffet at the Famous Joe Allen restaurant will make you like even more this morbid celebration! In the decor of a haunted house, magicians, clowns, makeup artists, and jugglers will liven up and entertain your evening.

Feel the vibes at the Stade de France: Its decor is often more likely to make us dream… But this week end will be different! It will be about fear! In glum corridors, with scary noises, you will meet costumed characters… Starting at 6.30pm , come dressed in a dark costume, asking for a trick or treat!

A scary movies’Night: A night in hell at the Champo with the projection of The Exorcist, Carrie, The Descent, Scream 4 and The Hills has eyes, follow by a breakfast. It starts at midnight and cost about 15 Euros. There is also a “Horror on Ice” Night ,at the Espace Sportif Pailleron (19th Arrondissement), including a costume contest (9 Euros for Ice skates).

Visit Jim Morrison: As most of you probably know, Jim Morrison’s grave is in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris… What would be a better opportunity to drop by and say Hi… An adventure reserved to fearless explorers…

Have fun, and don’t get too scared!!!!!

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