Brittany Has Wind in Its Sails

Here at Sextant properties, we noticed that there have been strong British demands in viewings in Brittany for several years. According to Brittany’s Comité Régional du Tourisme (Regional Tourism Committee)  Brittany is already the favourite destination of French people. However, no survey has been done until now to show that it is also a top destination for British people. So what exactly attracts them to Brittany?

Geography is what comes first to mind. Indeed, Brittany and the United Kingdom are very close, with numerous transport links such as ferries, planes and even trains thanks to the Eurostar. Moreover, the shapes of the cliffs in Brittany are said to remind the Brits of their home country. It is a wild territory which has been preserved from giant urbanization. It has many splendid places to visit and a very rich history and a Celtic culture. The region is surrounded by the sea, which is less than an hour’s drive, wherever you are in Brittany.

Regarding the climate, the rainfall keeps the countryside green and wooded, but sunny days are also common, with moderate, warm climate. This is contrary to what is generally said about Brittany. Incidentally, people from Brittany are used to saying “En Bretagne (in Brittany), il ne pleut que (it only rains)sur les cons (on idiots)” to people who complain about the weather.

Another considerable element is of course the price of French real estate, compared with property in United Kingdom. The average price for an accommodation in the United Kingdom reaches £161,000, that is to say €193,000, whereas the average price of properties in France reaches €167,000 (£139,000), and in Brittany : €158,000 (£131,000). For this price, you can get a charming 105sqm stone house with 4 bedrooms and a nice garden in Guegon, at 45 minutes from Vannes and the coast.

More globally, the French lifestyle is really appreciated, as well as the French gastronomy and its worldwide reputation. The cuisine, the table manners, as well as the wine traditions are a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Besides, Brittany has numerous exquisite specialties with a worldwide reputation. Did you know that crepes come from Brittany?

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