I am a cash buyer. Why should I bother with a French Mortgage?

The pragmatism of astute real estate buyers will lead them to take ona French mortgage instead of buying cash. This is because when used wisely, a mortgage becomes an asset, not a liability. And of course, when talking about several hundreds of thousands of Sterling or Euros (if not millions), what we really want to happen is for our money to work for us.

A French Mortgage is an opportunity to reach greater financial stability and flexibility as well as giving you the possibility to diversify an investment portfolio.

It is not rational, or efficient to let large sums of money be tied up in a single property (dormant money) which would mean missing out on other opportunities.
And this is how French mortgage means freedom of choice.
We can simply enjoy the comfort of knowing that we can access our money when we need it the most. Some people prefer to take a mortgage so that they can help their children put a foot on the property ladder. Moreover, mortgages empower people to use leverage in order to diversify their investments, therefore generating greater returns.

For instance, instead of buying a property using only cash, you can instead choose to use the cash towards deposits on several buy-to-let properties and become a multi-property investor. The properties being self-financing and yielding every month, the investor can anticipate the profit to be made  a decade down the line when the properties’ values in real terms would have increased. This would then allow the owner to sell them on the market and receive a good profit.

If you are a second home buyer of retirement age looking for  peace of mind or if you are a savvy investor seeking profit, tailor-made French mortgages with Sextant will set you on the right track to a comfortable future.

Ironically, it is easier to obtain a mortgage when you are cash rich and it also makes it  much easier to manage your finances effectively.
On a side note, in case of payment default, French banks cannot repossess UK, US and other properties abroad because of high international legal costs, good news indeed for you.

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