August French Mortgage Update

After six months of rises, banks are making the most of a calm spell for the OAT during the summer holidays and stabilising their mortgage rates. This status quo will remain for the summer with over half of French banks maintaining their rates. For those that aren’t maintaining them, the changes are minimal.

However, considering the economic uncertainties in Europe, it’s difficult to know what to expect for September, normally the most popular month for buyers and thus for competitiveness between banks trying to offer the best rates available.


Rate Type Interest Rate Maximum Rate Term Monthly repayment for €100,000
Variable Interest Only 3.85% 80% 7 €321
Variable Repayment 2.60% 80% 20 €535
Fixed Interest Only 3.55% 80% 10 €317
Fixed Repayment 3.85% 80% 25 €520
Capped Repayment 3.35%+1.20% 80% 20 €572


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