Interested in buying a shed or tree house?

If you own a French property with a big garden and strong trees you may be interested in building or buying a shed or a tree house.

Despite what people say, tree houses are not only for children, which is why for some years now, various French companies have been offering their services to build you your dream tree house.

Abane is one of these companies.  This small company located in Franche-Comté is specialised in the construction of tree houses. On its website you can choose between 3 kinds of houses: the individual one, the family sized one and the tree house on stilts.


Cabane Perchee, situated in Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur, is also a company specialised in the construction of tree houses. Like the previous company, Cabane Perchee offers its services for all sorts of tree houses. You only have to describe your dream tree house and show them the tree(s) where you want it and they take care of the rest.


No matter which company you choose, each tree house built by them is unique and respects customers’ requirements and the natural surroundings.

For more information you can visit the Abane website, and the Cabane Perchee website


Having your own tree house is a dream for many people but this kind of construction is very expensive. So if you are looking for something more affordable, you should take a look at sheds as they’re easier to maintain and cheaper than a tree house.

You can look into small sheds for your work tools or create a pool house, as well as large sheds to create a playhouse for your children or a guest house for your friends.


There are wooden, metal or resin sheds:

The cheapest and smallest wooden sheds cost around 230 Euros. The minimum price for a shed of about 4m2 is around 350 Euros. But, if you want a large shed of 10m2 at least, the price quickly rises to 1000 Euros.

A metal shed is often cheaper than a wooden one. For instance, you can have a metal shed of 4m2 for only 250 Euros and a metal shed of 10m2 for around 500 Euros, that is to say half the price of a wooden shed.

Sheds in resin are among the most expensive. For example a shed of around 4m2 costs about 950 Euros and the price of a resin shed of around 10m2 reaches 1800 Euros.

When you have found a shed that matches your requirements some vendors also offer the possibility to customise your shed by adding the floor, windows, shutters or by choosing the colour of the roof.

All these prices depend on the vendor/store and the quality of the product (type of wood, thickness of the walls…). If you are good with your hands and want to save money you can also decide to buy a sectional shed and assemble it yourself instead of buying it already assembled.


If you are really interested in buying a shed, here are some websites to browse:


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