What is a garantie deplacée?

If you are a home owner in France and want to buy a property abroad, in the United Kingdom for instance, then you can do what is known as a garantie deplacée.

The procedure of a garantie deplacée is the same as the one for a mortgage loan.

Taking a garantie deplacée means to mortgage your French property in order to use up to 80% of the funds (that you have released by mortgaging) to buy a new property abroad. So the bank will use the mortgage of your property as collateral.

This procedure has several advantages:

–          It avoids you taking out a loan
–          It allows you to invest your own wealth with competitive rates for25 years
–          It offers you the possibility to buy a new property whenever you want whilst remaining the home owner of your French property.


To do this you need:

–          To own a property in France without a mortgage
–          To release the funds at the Notary’s. The Notary called “Notaire” in France is an independent authority who represents neither the buyer nor the seller but who is here to ensure that the correct procedure is respected
–          To supply a reservation contract (with the translation in French) that proves that you are buying a new property abroad


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