French Rural Property Index Update Feb 2011

Sextant French Properties launched its own index of the evolution of the average French property’s price that show only rural properties which are bought by foreign buyers. This index is based on a database of 12.951 properties all across France. Having a global view of the situation and a more detailed vision of each region’s price will allow the buyer to decide which area will be the most appropriate for their future French home.

The large majority of Sextant’s properties are resale properties, offering a large choice throughout France suiting the need of every customer. Ready to move in to or requiring a full renovation, Sextant Properties have all sorts of properties that are bound to meet everyone’s requirements.

> The Global Situation
The index has now been updated and shows the evolution over 18 months, from October 2009 to January 2011. The information can be put together in a chart, showing the average price trends in France.

In January 2011, the average price over 13 regions is €312,687 which is -0.25% lower than last month, but which represents a 9.94% increase over the last 18 months.

Visit the French Property Market: A regional outlook over the 13 most popular regions in France.

> 3 Top Area Evolutions
The regions of Normandy, Midi-Pyrenees and Brittany have all seen a rise in their prices of nearly 14% since October 2009.

In Normandy, they have risen by 16% since October 2009, with an average of €257,805. With this budget one could purchase a beautiful recent house set in 1.24 acres of garden with outbuildings and a swimming pool (ref 24419). In Midi-Pyrenees, prices have risen by 26%, to reach an average of €326,839.

The region of Languedoc, one of the sunniest areas in France (300 days of sunshine/year), has an average price of €325,572, which represents a 2.02% increase in comparison with October 2009.

These area prices will probably tend to increase and maintain their good investment potential over the next few years. Keeping an eye on the index can be very valuable indeed, as it is updated every month.

> Top Area for Negotiating
Only the Rhône-Alpes region’s average prices have significantly decreased over the last eighteen months. In this region it will be easier to negotiate the price, especially if the property has been on the market for a number of months.

The 13% decrease of the average price in this region since October 2009 seems to have stopped about three months ago. With this stability regained, prices will be back to the standard soon. This French Leaseback apartment in a 4-star residence with heated pool (ref 35772) in Megeve could be the perfect place for an Alpine property

> Still on Top
The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has always been a fantastic area to find the most beautiful properties in France. The average property price around this region, €764.000, is enough to purchase this beautiful Mediterranean Villa (ref 13262). The stability of the average property price in this area confirms that this region is still one of the best places to invest in France.

If a customer’s dream property is over their initial budget, they could still take out a mortgage. French mortgages have dropped to 2.22% for a variable rate. For advice and help with all financial needs, Sextant have their own team of mortgage brokers, Sextant French Mortgages.

View the latest price variations per region here: French Rural Property index.

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