Discovering The Pyrenees Orientales Region Of France

For most of its life, the Pyrenees-Orientales region (formerly called Roussillon) of Languedoc was Spanish, only reverting to France in 1659. Since then it has retained a distinctively Catalan flavour, with Catalan spoken widely, and the Sardana dance, Bullfights and Paschal rituals still performed. The food too has a Spanish flavour, with spicy chorizzo and […]

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83 Million Tourists Visited France in 2012

Last year, the Hexagon beat the record of 2011 (81.4 million of tourists), allowing France to remain the top international tourist destination.

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£300 travel vouchers you can use to fly to France!

We are running a competition with £300 travel vouchers you can use to fly to France. To participate you just need to click on the “Like” button at the top of our Facebook page: Good Luck!

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Travel insurance

Many European citizens think that they do not need any travel insurance to travel to France because they‘re staying inside the European Union. However after having a car accident, losing luggage or having an item stolen, many will regret their decision.

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