NEW: a toolbar for an easier French property hunt

We have updated our French property toolbar with new features:

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A Cozy Alternative for Holidays: A French Home in the Perigord

Gary and his wife Lucie, a British couple from Portsmouth, felt like finding a quiet place to get away from their stressful and busy hometown during the holiday. Former building and decoration contractors, who were

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Who works at Sextant Properties?

Good news!

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What is a French colonie de Vacances?

If your children (and you!) need a break, the French colonies de vacances are made for you. The colonies de vacances in France are organizations (sometimes non-profit making ones) created to take care of your children

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You can now view the search results on a map!

The map search feature has now been extended to our main site! Sextant is proud to present the hugely useful feature- Google map search! As the only French property website to offer this,

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How does the property basket work?

• Register – Firstly, register on the website by clicking ‘Register free today’ found under the heading My Sextant. This is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes.

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