Add value to your property

Are you keen for your house to rise in value? By getting to grips with your drill, screwdrivers and your imaginative spirit, you can easily redecorate at low cost.  No need to build a swimming pool in your garden to double the price of your French property,  there are easier and cheaper ways. Small details […]

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Build your own garage!

It’s a well known fact that having a car port or garage is good for your car. In a garage your car will be protected from winter’s freezing temperatures. In France, the average life  of a car that doesn’t get put into a garage at night is between 7 and 8 years.

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After renovating, don’t waste – recycle!

Plenty of British people want to buy a house to renovate in France either because they love a good project, or because they  want their French property exactly as they wish. But when renovating or improving a house – on a large scale

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How to renovate a listed building in France and access to grants

Today if you would like to buy an ancestral home – a castle, mill or old cottage – in order to restore it, be cautious: there are strict regulations governing the preservation and renovation of listed properties (“monuments historiques”). In France, “grade-listed” buildings

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Renovation works: the rules to comply with

Many owners of a property in France may at some point wish to renovate all or part of their property, such works ranging from re-doing the rendering of the outside walls through to outright transformation.

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