How to purchase a luxurious holiday home in France?

Several reasons play an important role in increasing the valuation of real estate in France. A recent survey shows that people who desire to unwind in the lap of nature will find the suburbs and villages of France very attractive. The natural beauty and availability of real estate has made France an ideal destination for […]

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What To Consider If You Are Purchasing Property In France For The First Time?

Every individual has the desire to possess his/her own house. The demand for premium real estate sites is high in every country. It is even more in the developed nations, where the financial sector is secure, and all kinds of facilities are available. France is one such nation that is high on natural beauty and […]

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Common costs associated with moving house

It is not every day that you invest money in purchasing a home. Thus, care is required not only while sealing the deal but the owner of the property needs to do the needful during moving from one place to another.

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Why now is a good time to purchase in France

Even though everybody agrees that properties are generally not overpriced in most parts of France compared to the UK (where prices are expected to fall up to a further 30% by next year according to some analysts), we have noticed some price reductions in parts of France meaning that prices remain attractive even with the […]

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