What To Consider If You Are Purchasing Property In France For The First Time?

Every individual has the desire to possess his/her own house. The demand for premium real estate sites is high in every country. It is even more in the developed nations, where the financial sector is secure, and all kinds of facilities are available. France is one such nation that is high on natural beauty and […]

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Common costs associated with moving house

It is not every day that you invest money in purchasing a home. Thus, care is required not only while sealing the deal but the owner of the property needs to do the needful during moving from one place to another.

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Purchase your own watermill!

It is time to fulfil your dreams: purchase your own watermill in Brittany.

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The new notary fees for 2014

Isère, Paris, Morbihan, Mayenne and Yvelines.Remember this list of 5 departments as these are the only one which won’t witness an increase of the fees collected by the notary when you purchase a property. What is commonly called the “notarial fees” is in fact a bit more. The percentage of transaction’s price notaries earn, the […]

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