5 Best Outdoor Swimming Pools In Paris

Despite longing for it since September, the honeymoon phase of warm weather in the city tends to fade rather quickly. While baking hot days and long summer evenings are wonderful in theory, if you’re stuck in an office, the Métro or anywhere indoors you may as well be staring at a Caribbean screensaver for all […]

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Events in France in May That You Must Attend

The month of May is the finest time to move out of the house. The spirits of the people are usually high as this is the time for bank holidays. These are the finest events to make the best of the fun-filled month.

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Ten Good Reasons To Start A Sport During Spring

Most experts and doctors put stress on the need to exercise. If you are not into spending time in the gym, then any outdoor sports will offer the same benefits. If you live in a tropical or sub-tropical country, then summers can be too hot to go out.

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Top 5 Activities to Enjoy in France During Spring Months

France is an ideal holiday destination. Its topographical setting offers it unique natural beauty, along with comfortable temperatures throughout the year. The French government depends a lot on the tourism department for the huge revenue that it generates.

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Outdoor Activities in France This Summer

If you are an outdoorsy type of a person, there are lots you can do to enjoy yourself in France this summer. Read on for the top 10 activities that draw millions of tourists every year from across the globe.

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