How To Save Money When You Move Out

Moving house can be expensive and stressful. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as costly as everyone claims. All you need is a bit of savvy know-how. Lucky for you, we’re here to spread wisdom with our top tips on how to save money and transform you into a moving guru.

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Tips for Home-Staging for attracting more property buyers

The market value of a property will not increase by itself. If you have a home that you will like to put up for sale, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Apart from the required documentation, you need to make certain changes in the home so that it gets […]

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Moving to France: money-savings tips

France is a popular touristic destination for many expatriates, our country has a lot  to offer: plenty of beautiful landscapes, mild climate, cottage homes in the country sides, and regional gastronomic heritage.

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Yet another reason to move to France!

A survey released at the end of last year placed the UK as the worst place to live in Europe, in terms of quality of life. And guess who came out on top? Yes, France topped the chart, thanks to the earliest retirement age in Europe,

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Specialised removals for your move to France

PSS International Removals have specialised in moving families overseas for more than 27 years. Having successfully handled thousands of removals to France every year

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More and more brits are looking to move abroad

As many as 500,000 Brits could be leaving the UK to become expats by the end of 2009 reports Axa, one of the world’s biggest insurers. It is difficult to use forecast figures as a barometer of intent to be fair, but there is no doubt that the trend for moving abroad is increasing. In […]

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