The Benefits of a Currency Specialist

Currency markets are volatile by nature and it’s hard to keep track of all the ups and downs on a daily basis. If you’re considering buying a property overseas, it may seem like an added hurdle to negotiate but working with a currency specialist can help you manage any international payments you need to make. […]

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July’s currency update

The pound continues to remain under pressure, as it briefly dipped again this morning, but recovered by lunchtime. Following the weekend, sterling has come out higher against most major currencies, strengthening by 1% versus EUR and USD.

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April’s currency update

The European single currency has maintained its recent strong tone having gained further ground against both the US dollar and British pound over the last week.

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February currency update

Considering the global stock market turmoil of late and the wild swings in the oil price over the last 5 days, you have to say that the European single currency has managed to avoid any major calamity

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June’s currency update

Since the euro’s rebound in mid-March it has been looking reasonably chipper.  In April it was in the leading group of major currencies, strengthening by five eighths of a cent against sterling and the Australian dollar and taking four and a quarter cents off the back marker, the US dollar.

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March’s currency update: €/£ rate of 1.40 in sight

The euro has not been so resilient over the last seven days. It was the weakest performer among the major currencies, falling by two cents against sterling and losing one and half US cents.

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