Discovering Corsica – An Experience Of A Lifetime

More than three million people visit Corsica each year, drawn by the mild climate and some of the most diverse landscapes in all Europe. Nowhere in the Mediterranean there are beaches finer than the island’s perfect half-moon bays of white sand and transparent water, or seascapes more dramatic than the red porphyry Calanches of the […]

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Discovering The Lot Department In France

The Lot is in the region now known as Occitanie. Aptly named, it has it all. It is the department where the transition from the cooler, wetter north to the dry, hot south is encapsulated. The honey-coloured walls, steep roofs and small, flat tiles of the houses and pigonniers of the north part of the […]

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The Best And Cheapest Beach Destinations In France

The French mainland has water on more or less three sides – the Atlantic, the English Channel – or La Manche as the French prefer to call it – and the Mediterranean, so France has beaches to suit just about everyone, from families to super stars, world class surfers to naturists.

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The Joys Of Discovering Marseille

Marseille came into existence in 600 BC, founded by Greeks from Phocaea. Marseille is the oldest city in France.  It is the second largest city after Paris. The city is home to almost 900,000 people living in its 16 districts, most of which have held onto their authentic village atmosphere.

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Top 10 Pools In France That You Must Check Out

France is a beautiful country that invites tourists from all over the world. With each passing day, the percentage of visitors coming to the country is only increasing. Such is the charm of the natural beauty of France. If you are a lover of art and architecture, then the country has a lot of offer.

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