12 hysterical translations from English to French

If you are into travelling and all that it entails, this article is for you! Wait, what does travelling entail? Well, you know…exploring new horizons, meeting locals, discovering a new culture, trying new food and…getting lost in translation. That last item probably is the funniest part!

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Tips to improve your French speaking skills

  If you plan to move to France, you should probably consider learning the French language in order to be able to hold a conversation with your neighbours. The French are notoriously known for

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What to do when retiring to France?

Moving to France to live permanently can be an exciting and a daunting prospect, especially if you are retired. But the good news is that in many areas there are clubs and associations where you can meet like minded people, while the slower pace

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British give up on French

With British pupils shunning French, even ‘schoolboy’ French may soon be a thing of the past while UK students will lose out to their French counterparts in an increasingly global jobs market reports Rebecca Lawn

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Face the challenge and follow our top 10 tips to becoming fluent in French

1.    Immerse yourself Base yourself in France and steer away from the English crowd (as tempting as it may be)!

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