Consider Real Estate Investment In Paris And Other Potential Locations In France

The recent boom in the real estate market has prompted many foreigners to invest in the property market in France. The property laws in this country are less complicated and it is also easy to get finance.

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What To Consider If You Are Purchasing Property In France For The First Time?

Every individual has the desire to possess his/her own house. The demand for premium real estate sites is high in every country. It is even more in the developed nations, where the financial sector is secure, and all kinds of facilities are available. France is one such nation that is high on natural beauty and […]

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The Provence Cote d’Azur region, a place to invest

Sextant Properties is a member of the SNPI (Syndicat National des Professionnels Immobiliers). We receive regular updates from them, and last week received an internal news update that may interest serious buyers. This news is relevant for potential investors in the Provence Cote d’Azur (PACA).

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French Leaseback Resales: Why are they attractive investments?

There are a number of reasons for buyers to invest in France through leaseback property resales as opposed to buying off-plan. Before we list those reasons,

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Location Location Location – where should I invest in France?

The choice of the country is already a difficult decision. Should I find a bargain in a country like Bulgaria or make a safe and secure investment in France?

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Investment properties in France

Yesterday, we went to the 25th birthday of a property management company in London and were told that the property investment market in France remain strong despite the current worldwide financial crisis. The property investors are mainly coming from France and Belgium. They do not have as much British investors as to last year and […]

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