Sell Your Home Better And Quicker – Tips For Home Staging

When you’re putting your house on the market, preparation and presentation can be the keys to selling faster and for a better price. While curb appeal improvements can definitely help, interiors are always the most important selling point. Most buyers today shop for homes online, making a home’s web appeal just as important as its […]

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Top three ways to revamp your kitchen

If you think that the bedroom is the most important place in your house, then it is time to reanalyze the notion. The entire family comes together during lunch or dinner. If the food is good, then they feel the urge to stay at the table longer, and take part in conversations. Thus, food plays […]

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The hottest home and Interior Design trends in 2017

So you are preparing for a home makeover for the upcoming seasons and you are looking for the hottest trends in interior design. Look no further; here are some design trends that will be awesome in your home: Relaxing Retreats If you are overwhelmed with your digital devices and need some space, then the Relaxing […]

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How To Decorate Your House For Halloween On A Budget

It is already that time of the year where our homes are filled with ugly and scary Halloween decorations which look so fun and creative. Just imagine taking a dead flower bed and sticking tombstones in it to make it look like a graveyard! Happy Halloween!! There are so many ways to decorate for Halloween. […]

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Planning to maximise a little corner of your home into a chillout room?

How little is little you ask! As little as possible we say. We are actually talking about 160 square feet here. That’s roughly 15 square meters if you prefer metrics. Mission impossible you think?

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Who is going to help you with your kitchen in France?

The sales agreement has been signed, you have a completion date, now is a good time to prepare all the little changes you may have in mind to make the property you are buying your dream home.

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