A Rise In Interest Rates: How It Will Affect Your Mortgage Payments?

Recently, the credit market in England had received a jolt when the Bank of England finally announced that it has decided to surge interest base rates. Though it was initially lowered from 0.5% to 0.25%, it again went up to its previous rate. The decision will directly influence your installment payments, which you need to […]

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French mortgage interest rates reach new low

Interest rates have fallen by 38 basis points from the beginning of the year, for the new-build housing market (2.67 % now compared to 3.08 % in December 2013), the existing housing market (2.69 % now and 3.08 % in December) and also the renovation work market (2.73 % and 3.12 % in December). This […]

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French Interest Rates Falls

This isn’t an April fool joke ! Once again, French mortgage rates are falling down which is a very good news for March property buyers. One of our French Bank partners

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Renegotiating your mortgages and loans: a very profitable business

We’ve all heard about the current drop in interest rates, but borrowers aren’t the only ones to reap the benefits. If you’ve already taken out a mortgage,

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