The Provence Tradition for Christmas Santons

Provençal Christmas traditions are rooted in both charming local customs and historical religious rituals. During this festive season, called Calendale, villages throughout Provence host Christmas Markets, Santons Fairs, Lighting Festivals and Tours of Nativity Scenes, leading up to Le Gros Souper on Christmas Eve and Les Treize desserts following Midnight Mass.

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Why Do People Prefer Turkey Over Other Forms Of Meat On Christmas?

Christmas is all about following old traditions and getting along with family members to enjoy a good time. An essential and age-old culture that we have been following for centuries is carving a full roast Turkey to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

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13 desserts: a Provence tradition at Christmas

It is Christmas eve in Provence, 13 desserts have been laid out on a table covered with 3 layers of white cloth. Amongst the dishes, 3 candles are burning…beautiful set for a painting, but this is the typical dessert table for Christmas in Provence.

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Good projections for French football

More than €1.8 billion! These are the investment figures for the renovation of French stadiums for the UEFA EURO 2016 football tournament, which compared with the investment cost in Germany for the 2006 FIFA World Cup

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