Tips for a Long-Term Investment in Holiday Home In France

The beauty of France and the availability of numerous real estate options have made this country a top pick for people who want to own a holiday home here. Whether you want the house for your family, or for commercial gain, a perfect investment has the potential to bring a smile on the face of […]

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Consider Real Estate Investment In Paris And Other Potential Locations In France

The recent boom in the real estate market has prompted many foreigners to invest in the property market in France. The property laws in this country are less complicated and it is also easy to get finance.

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Overview of capital gains tax for non-residents in France

Since reforms taken by the French government in 2012 in regards to capital gains tax, France has been seen by international property investors as being not tax friendly in comparison with the UK.

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Investing in the French Alps the easy way

You may have heard that the French Alps have recently enjoyed heavy snowfall meaning many ski stations have opened earlier than expected.

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Investment properties in France

Yesterday, we went to the 25th birthday of a property management company in London and were told that the property investment market in France remain strong despite the current worldwide financial crisis. The property investors are mainly coming from France and Belgium. They do not have as much British investors as to last year and […]

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